We are a civil engineering company specialized in use of the Vetiver System (VS) as a cost-effective green infrastructure tool to solve a wide range of soil and water related challenges.

Vetiver TT EES Ltd serves clients in the residential, commercial and public sectors to assist with land stabilization, erosion control, infrastructure protection, and more, providing design consulting, project management and implementation of solutions, using a combination of bioengineering and traditional, hard-structure approaches where required.


To bring civil engineering expertise into sustainable solutions design, making use of the Vetiver System (VS) as a green, non-invasive and more cost-effective approach to tackle soil and water related challenges, with the aim of leaving people and the environment in stronger places than where they started.

What is vetiver grass?

Vetiver grass (Chrysopogon Zizanioides) is a tropical/ subtropical grass native to India and was introduced to the Caribbean and Latin America as much as 200 years ago. This grass is a non-invasive species with a deep and fibrous root system which can extend to 10 feet (3 m) deep within the first 2 years. The average tensile strength of these roots are 75 MPa, which when implemented correctly using Vetiver System (VS) best practice approaches make it a formidable bio-engineering tool.

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