Our Story

Vetiver TT was founded in 2014, but only began operating as a Limited Liability Company in 2017. In the early stages, projects were primarily small scale residential and agricultural, and time was spent getting to understand the population interest and response to the Vetiver System (VS) solutions in T&T. In 2016, Vetiver TT began to take on larger scale projects as portfolio experience from previous years grew sufficiently to merit implementation to tackle more significant engineering challenges.

While vetiver grass has been present in T&T for many years, knowledge of the plant has diminished over the last few decades, and the correct implementation according to the Vetiver System (VS) principals and techniques as a bio-engineering tool was also found to be largely absent. Therefore, in the early stages of the company there was a heavy need for educating the general public and private sector, and this need continues today as awareness of Vetiver System (VS) solutions continues to expand and grow.

To date, Vetiver TT EES Ltd has implemented solutions to tackle land slippage and other soil and water related challenges for:

• 30+ residential projects
• Two (2) large scale commercial projects in central and south Trinidad to assist with infrastructure protection in sapote (heaving) clays
• Four (4) public works projects to tackle various issues including pond embankment and landslide stabilization, coastal erosion protection, and the treatment of contaminated landfill leachate
• We have also designed and implemented several community education and empowerment projects working through the GEF Small Grants Programme with the UNDP and alongside many other partner collaborators: in the hillside farming community of Paramin to protect properties, infrastructure and agricultural lands; for the Rehabilitation of Quarries in the Sangre Grande/Turure area; and a small scale training in the coastal town of Canaries, St Lucia.


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